The Journey to Yarn Road: Our Why

The Journey to Yarn Road: Our Why

It all starts with the fibre at Yarn Road
Welcome to Yarn Road, where we begin the journey to sustainable, high-quality, conscious yarn creation! We are a mission-driven venture focusing on thoughtful yarn creation, responding to the pressing needs of the Australian textile industry. Yarn Road is the brainchild of Meriel, founder of Full Circle Fibres, and Nicky, Director of Thread Collective, both sharing a mutual love for textiles and a vision for a sustainable and ethical textile future. Their combined dedication and complementary skills aimed at introducing tangible change in the textile industry.

Their venture is a confluence of experiences, expertise, and aspirations, aiming to transform the textile narrative by offering yarns as beautiful and sustainable as they are high-quality. We invite you to come with us on our journey, unravel the threads of our commitment to the textile world, and join us in weaving our shared dreams into the yarns of reality. Let's redefine what it means to create with respect for the craft, and the textile industry while focusing on quality, beauty and stewardship.

Meriel Chamberlin & Nicky Crane cofunders of Yarn Road
Meriel Chamberlin (left) & Nicky Crane (right) - Co-founders of Yarn Road

The Textile Tapestry: A Landscape Marred by Unsustainability

The textile industry, with its myriad of colours, patterns, and textures, unfortunately, casts a long, often overlooked shadow on our environment. The industry's current state is characterized by mass production, rapid consumption, and consequential waste, with sustainability often being relegated to the back seat. The impact is ecological and social, affecting communities and ecosystems alike. The urgent need for sustainable options is evident, a need for products and practices that coexist harmoniously with our environment and society.

Weaving a New Path: Addressing the Gaps and Challenges

Yarn Road was born out of a need to bridge glaring gaps in the textile industry, particularly the disconnect between creation and sustainability, and between quality and conscience, notably in Australia. Difficulty in acquiring diverse and ethical local yarns and the logistical challenges of importing highlighted a desperate need for a platform dedicated to ethical and sustainable textile artistry. Yarn Road is our answer to this need—a beacon for those seeking to merge beauty with ethics in textile creation, offering attractive, high-quality yarns that don’t compromise sustainability.

We are committed to enhancing Australia's manufacturing capacities, pursuing new collaborations and innovations in recycling, and minimising textile waste in the industry.

Crafting a Dream: The Genesis of Yarn Road

Yarn Road is more than a brand; it manifests Meriel & Nicky’s shared vision and meticulous effort to create sustainable, high-quality yarns, each telling its own story. Their partnership represents a union of mutual values and respect, aiming to reshape the future of textiles into one that narrates tales of beauty, responsibility, and tradition.

Our goal with Yarn Road is to transform the textile landscape, introducing ethically sourced, high-quality yarns that reflect our unwavering commitment to sustainability and quality. We hope to inspire a more responsible and thoughtful approach to textiles in Australia by addressing the industry's shortcomings and providing a platform in sync with the values of mindful creators and consumers, paving the way for sustainable change in the textile world.

“The name Yarn Road represents the path we’ve stepped into; we’ve set our compass, locally grown and recycled fibres and yarn, in regenerative and nourishing systems. We know this is ambitious, yet it’s a legacy and capability we must strive to create. We know that at times we’ll be wayfinding as we meet bumps and roadblocks, but we’ll remain on the ‘yarn road,’ as we tackle them. Our blog, Yarnlines, shares us threading our journey and place in this rich, varied and incredible industry, a mix of our practical steps forward and wider perspectives, where we’ve come from, where we are, and where we are going.

Meriel holding a cone of Full Circle Fibres cotton (Copywrite Full Circle Fibres)
The Future of Yarn Road

We are taking the slow road

Closing the loop of yarn manufacturing in Australia is a challenging and intricate journey, filled with numerous obstacles due to limited local production facilities and higher manufacturing costs. Our work to date has thrown up many hurdles, it’s a slow process that needs our resilience, passion and innovation. Each step involves challenges, from sourcing ethical materials to navigating operational constraints, all while maintaining a focus on sustainability and quality. However, the aspiration to establish a sustainable, homegrown yarn production landscape fuels our determination, making every challenge a stepping stone towards being part of Australia's self-reliant, vibrant and environmentally conscious textile future.

Charting the Future: The Vision for Yarn Road

At Yarn Road we are devoted to establishing an ethical and resource-mindful ecosystem, with every initiative serving as a beacon towards our expansive vision for the Australian textile realm. We will work with industry stakeholders, governments, farmers and end-users to create outcomes that we will love back with pride. As current stewards of the textile industry, we aspire to pass it on in a more enriched state, while expanding Australia's homegrown capability.
Image of Meriel working on building a better future of the textile industry (Copywrite Full Circle Fibres)
Meriel working on building a better future of the textile industry

Embark with Us: Your Role in this Journey

Your support on the journey is not just valued; it’s crucial. Join our thriving community and immerse yourself in discussions, insights, and the latest updates from Yarn Road. Share your thoughts and your visions, and let’s weave together a narrative of mindful creation and enduring beauty. Dive into our initiatives, participate in our projects, and let’s shape the future of textiles together.

Stay Engaged

Follow us on our social media platforms for those eager to stay in the loop. Keep abreast of our newest releases, stories, and developments in our journey. Engage with us, share our mission, and let’s build a community that values sustainability and quality.

Your voice is powerful. By spreading the word about Yarn Road, you help connect us with others who are passionate about sustainable textiles. Invite your network to join us in shaping a more sustainable and beautiful textile future.

Join us at the start of the road, where fibre is just the beginning.
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