A little about us

Meriel and Nicky’s initiative, Yarn Road, is driven by a passion for yarn and weaving, a commitment to sustainability, and a focus on quality and provenance. Through their experiences and collaborations, they aim to contribute to the textile industry in a mindful and sustainable manner, working with like-minded individuals and leveraging local capabilities in Australia. They believe in creating beautiful yarns with stories and are focused on long-term sustainability over fast profits.

Meriel is a visionary who has meticulously blended her extensive experience in the textile industry with her unwavering commitment to sustainability, ethics, and quality. With over two decades in textiles, Meriel understands every step in the supply chain.

In addition to her role at Yarn Road, Meriel is the passionate force behind Full Circle Fibers, an initiative focused on elevating the transparency, sustainability, and integrity of every stage in the supply chain. It is her belief in a holistic approach to textile production, one that encompasses care for the environment, respect for artisanal craftsmanship, and a commitment to innovation. Meriel’s dedication to creating a sustainable future in textiles is not just about transforming the industry; it's about weaving a legacy of mindful creation for generations to come

Nicky Crane - Co-Founder of Yarn Road and Creative Director at Thread Collective

Nicky is dedicated to weaving and textile arts. Her journey began with a deep love for textiles and a desire to bring a diverse range of high-quality yarns to local artists, leading her to establish Thread Collective in 2015. This platform not only offers a variety of weaving looms, yarns, and accessories but also fosters a community where artists can share, learn, and grow. Nicky’s insights and experiences have been pivotal in defining the ethos and objectives of Yarn Road, aiming to make it a sanctuary for those who value quality and beauty in textiles.

Nicky combines her deep understanding of textile artistry and her commitment to excellence to bring a distinct creative vision to Yarn Road. Her approach is to meld aesthetic richness with meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring that each creation is a masterpiece of design and quality. Her commitment to the textile community and her continuous efforts to explore new frontiers in textile artistry are inspirational, significantly shaping Yarn Road’s mission to redefine the standards of beauty and quality in textiles.